• Heather Louise Miller

    Speaker ☼ Consultant Program Creative

  • In 2016 Heather was named New South Wales, Local Woman of the Year, for her dedication and unwavering commitment to magnifying the human spirit.


    Heather has been heavily involved in leading and facilitating youth leadership development programs internationally for the past 5 years. Helping organisations like Scouts Australia and the Anthony Robbins Foundation to develop core content in the space of leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, contribution, bullying, and kindness.

    She is a director on the board of of I am a Boat Person; a refugee empowerment charity, an inspirational storyteller and connector in her social enterprise The Kindness Hub, and consultant for leading universities in Australia helping to re-imagine the way universities equip graduates to lead the future. With a smile on her face and the belief that
    ‘Every stranger is a friend you haven't met yet’,
    Heather is an artist when it comes to connection and the power of play, reminding friends old and new to have faith in kindness.




  • Self Confidence

    Created for the University of Technology Sydney

  • Speaking engagements

    Spontaneity, Creativity and Love.
    Otherwise known as the Human Spirit.

    The Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit- California USA


    Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) is a five-day program that provides participants age ranges 14 to 17 with an environment designed to boost them into leadership roles that will change their lives and communities.


    Magic Moments Youth Leadership and Business Summit- Sydney Australia.

    Speaker: Alumni and Main program 

    International Youth program focused on developing young people in leadership development, communication, team building, understanding values and beliefs and how they impact the decision making processes. We also cover aspects of business including but not limited to financial literacy, investing (property & stock market), understanding the power of compounding and entrepreneurship.

    Scouts Australia:
    National You+Lead Program

    Program development and lead facilitator

    Recognising that to lead effectively a person must develop strong interpersonal skills, confidence and an ability to em- power others through delegation, inspiration and motivation. The course is structured around developing emotional intelligence (EQ), enabling participants to develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate, build teams and complete goals.

    Girl Guides Australia


    Facilitating girls and parents growth and development in positive self image, self- confidence and leadership.


    Free Spirit Girl Conference

    Activity facilitator and Coach

    The movement supports young women to be able to shine brightly, live fully and stand strong. Employing a multitude of activities and speakers to promote self love and acceptance as young women in an ever changing world.

    Life Changing Experiences Foundation


    The SISTER2sister program is a unique year long mentoring & risk management program designed to empower ‘at risk’ teenage girls to turn their troubled lives around. As a program ambassador Heather presents to businesses, mentors and girls in the program to engage and inspire, highlighting what is possible when you believe in yourself.

    Eleague games.gg


    Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) LAN party - helping revive the Sydney LAN scene by bringing together hundreds of gamers.

  • Key note speeches

  • Key Notes

    Creating a better world

    Contribution- It's not something you do, it's something you are.

    Utilising real life examples to show how easy it is for someone to get involved in their community and magnify the impact they desire.

    Cyber-bullying and The Internet

    Redirecting energy and focus to create better decisions online.

    Geared towards;
    Youth looking for connection and guidance and also available for parents and caregivers seeking understanding and tools for supporting youth.

    Self Love and Body Image

    The probability of you being alive right now is 1 in 400 Trillion.

    Using the power of experience to help others to redefine what beauty is, reminding those young and old of the fragility of life and the opportunity that exists when you step outside your comfort zone.

    The Art of Communication

    Every stranger is a friend you haven't met yet

    Using active storytelling and humor to inspire connection through not only practical skill sets but the mindset of adventure.

  • Education and Achievements

    The world is a beautiful place, if that's what you're looking for.

    Scott Rankin Leadership


    Bachelor of Business

    Human Resources, Marketing, Events Management

    NSW Woman of the year: Auburn


    Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

    UTS Shopfront: SOULstar

    Baden Powell Award

  • What else?

    "Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein

    UTS: University of Technology Sydney


    Academic/ Teaching and learning adjunct for the UTS Business school specialising in Business Management, Positive psychology and culture.

    Corporate Challenge Events 


    At Corporate Challenge Heather has focused on teamwork, leadership and the art of play to elevate success in corporations like Google, Ralph Lauren and Harvey Norman.

  • Creativity and flexibility

    With everything in life, Heather is always looking for new ways to add value to our world- If you have a project idea or something you would love Heather to speak about - Please reach out.

    When kindness is involved- The answer is usually yes.

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    Heather Miller

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  • Changing the world one smile at a time

  • Have an absolutely magical day.